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Affordable Corporate Events and Team Building on a tight budget

Formed during difficult financial times for businesses, Credit Crunch Team Building offered a variety of simple, straightforward, low cost but effective team building corporate events.

The most popular was our London treasure hunt.

It still is.


It develops all workplace skills in one fun, engaging and flexible package.

It is natural team building without any contrived situations.

It is easy for you to organise - we do the planning and delivery.

It is fully customised and can be delivered in any London location.

Start your team building here ...

The London treasure hunt.

There are many variations for different London treasure hunt locations already written. We can easily handle last minute bookings.

You tell us where you want to start and finish in London - not the other way round. You benefit from total flexibility on route and venues. But if you prefer, we can suggest where to start and finish your London treasure hunt.

Your London treasure hunt can be customised and configured to any degree - you benefit from team building that is exactly tailored to your needs and industry sector. We don't do generic customisation, it's a lot more than just adding your logo and company name to each page.

Why is the London treasure hunt good for team building?

There is no set route and there are more questions than can be answered in the time available. Teams will need to use planning and logistical management skills if they are to win the treasure.

Some clues are easy, some hard with the odd cryptic one thrown in too. Everyone can contribute so it is inclusive team building. Team members also need to communicate clearly in order to gain as many correct answers as possible.

The London treasure hunt is also a scavenger hunt - teams will need to use lateral thinking and negotiating skills in order to complete their shopping list for maximum points.

There are photo challenges too - some include famous London landmarks, others will require careful observation to spot the location. Some need you to involve local people, thus developing skills of persuasion.